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Greetings Earthling!

You are most likely here because you finished reading Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet and you’re interested in checking out the sequel, Earthman Jack vs. The Secret Army.  That’s great!  The only issue is that the rest of the Earthman Jack saga is exclusive to and it’s Kindle Unlimited program, which can cause Earthman Jack fans outside of Amazon’s ecosystem to get upset that they’re unable to get the books on their preferred e-reader.

Well, fear not my intrepid science-fiction aficionado!  You can actually read all the Earthman Jack books on your e-reader of choice, be it Nook, iBooks, Android, Kobo, phone, tablet, and even your PC!

Not only is this simple to do, it’s also free.  All you need to do is install the Kindle app on your preferred device, then order the Earthman Jack ebooks on, and they’ll show up automatically in your Kindle App!  This will allow you to continue to enjoy the Earthman Jack series on any device you like (even if you still have to use Amazon to purchase the books).

I really do apologize for this issue.  I understand not everyone likes or uses or the Kindle store.  However, because I am an independent publisher, I’m forced to go where the money is, and Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program is very important to my income.  If they did not require the books in their program to be exclusive, I’d happily make the series available on other digital marketplaces, but that sadly is not the case.  If you decide to support the series by continuing to read it and purchase the books through, it will be greatly appreciated!

Just follow these simple steps to get your copy of Earthman Jack vs. The Secret Army:

Step 1: Download The Kindle App To Your Device

Click here to get the kindle app!  You can also find the app on the iTunes and Google Play marketplaces, and it’s free!

Step 2:  Purchase Earthman Jack vs. The Secret Army

Click here to go to EJ2’s Amazon page.  You can order it with just a few clicks, and it will automatically show up in your Kindle app library once you’ve linked it to your Amazon account.

Step 3:  Enjoy!

That’s all there is to it!  And don’t forget, once you’re done with the second book in the series, you can find all the others on Earthman Jack’s series page on Amazon.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me and I’ll be more than happy to help!  Thank you so much for your interest in the Earthman Jack series, and I hope you continue to read and enjoy the books!

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